George W Bush 9/11 Speech Summary

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President, George W. Bush, in his “ Address to the Nation on 9/11” speaks to the American people to address what has happened and what the plan is to fix the disaster. George W. Bush’s purpose is to give a sense of hope, security, and relief in a scary and grief filled time. He adapts to a feeling of unity that calls all Americans to come together in this crisis. In his speech, George W. Bush first talks about how even though America was hurt by these attacks we were not broken. He goes on to talk some about how amazing the American people’s response to the situation was and how people came together in the hard time. He then speaks about how the emergency response plans were activated and what is happening around the country in response …show more content…

Bush does not appeal to logic at all in this speech. He simply tries to pick up a heartbroken and scared nation. In a time like that people don't want to hear facts and statistics which make them logically think. They only want to be comforted and assured that their circumstances can only get better from there. If he gave statistics and facts about 9/11 he would only upset the people. They don't want to know how many people are in the hospital or how long it will take to clean up the the Twin Tower Building. They only want to feel safe and comforted. George W. Bush’s main purpose for this speech is to encourage and comfort the nation. The most effective way to do this is by using pathos. So he uses powerful sentences such as “America was targeted for attack because we’re the biggest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world.’’ , “Terrorist attacks can shatter steel , but they cannot dent the of American resolve.” He also uses the word “our” many times in order to cause a feelings of unity among the nation. He then tells what has already been done to help solve the problem of 9/11. By doing this he gives a sense of relief to his audience. Finally he quotes Psalms 23 in order to give one last word of encouragement. There are many other times that he uses sentences like these to help pump up his audience or to make them feel better in

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