Informative Speech Outline On 9/11

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I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Tuesday September 11th 2001 started off like any other day. Men and women prepared themselves for another work day and school children settled in their seats for a day’s lesson. But before the mornings of people’s everyday life could begin, a tragic incident occurred, killing thousands of American citizens and breaking the hearts of many more. B. Thesis: The World Trade Center crashes were significant in many different ways to the U.S. and when they were destroyed, American citizens were stunned and heartbroken. C. Main Points: 1. What Happened 2. Conspiracy Theories II. What Happened A. According to the Washington Post 9/11 was a terrorist attack on the US, which the 9/11 commission concluded al-Qaeda, a global militant Islamist organization formed in the late 80s, was responsible. Nineteen terrorists, split into four groups each containing a trained pilot, embarked on a suicide mission to hijack one commercial jet and fly and crash them into US landmarks. 1. …show more content…

American Airlines Flight 11 left Logan Airport, Boston at 8am in route to Los Angeles. The hijackers took over the plane and flew it into the North Tower of the World Trade Centre at 8:45 am. 2. United Airlines Flight 175 left Logan Airport, Boston at 8:15 am in route to Los Angeles. The hijackers gained control and flew the plane into the World Trade Centre's South Tower at 9 am. 3. American Airlines flight 77 left Washington Dulles International Airport at 8:20 am in route to Los Angeles. The hijackers flew the plane into the Pentagon at 9:40 am. 4. United Airlines Flight 93 left New York International Airport at 8:40 am on the way to San Francisco. When the passengers realized what was happening, they revolted against the hijackers. a) The plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 10 am. B. Transition: After the events, al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the

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