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Tragedy, and burning flames. Everybody remembers 9/11, and the day the twin towers collapsed into shreds. Bombers in hijacked planes, millions injured, and thousands dead enduringly. The beginning of the ending, 250 people on 4 hijacked planes that changed America forever. Nobody knew, it was a rude awakening. If the terrorist did not blend in officers would be able to arrest them as fast as possible, but before officers do anything they must take as many safety measures as needed. It was all 10,000 gallons of jet fuel ready to destroy America forever. The time is taking its precious little... It is 9:00 AM, American airline #11 crashed in between the 93rd-99th floor of the North Tower. 18 minutes later, the next plane, airline #175 hit the south tower. Now they are scorching into flames, and by 10:30 both towers had fallen straight down. It seems like the towers should have toppled over, but they did not, but It fell straight down. However, the planes hit so high up in the towers that the towers did not topple over, now if the planes hit lower they would have toppled over. The airplanes are already off to hit the Pentagon in Arlington, Washington, to destroy more of the United States. Now history written in pencil can be erased, but written in crayon can never be changed. …show more content…

Even more dead from the air and flames! They say it was the worst toll since the Civil War. Every bits and pieces of evidence were tested and to help with that they used dogs and robots to help find people and evidence. Thanks to the heroic dog Bretagne, a 16 year old dog was one of the search dogs in the 9/11 attack. Bretagne died recently after his long journey being a search dog. She went all over the world to help with different attacks or disasters. She was said to be one of the best search dogs and her owner is very lucky to have such a great

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