Essay On How September 11th Changed America

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“All these planes and crashes keep replaying in my mind everyday, that day will always be remembered as one of the most tragic attacks on America” (“Aaron Tveit”). September 11th was a very horrific day filled with sadness and grief. Terrorism then became a main priority to keep an eye on and making sure the United States stays safe. On this very date four planes were hijacked and forced to crash in specific locations. September 11th has changed the landscape of America by improving National Security, conducting better immigration laws, and the rebuilding of the community after the whole massacre. First National Security was put in front of everything because the government wanted to keep everyone safe from this ever happening again. Security …show more content…

Such as the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) in New York. This was to be a symbol of courage and Freedom, showing countries that we do not let downfalls define us. It was built to replace the two towers that fell, standing nearly at 1800 feet and costing the state nearly $3.1 billion dollars to make it. The years of blown deadlines, and redesigns it is finally done. Some people do not agree with the structure at all due to the fact that they believe it just makes a whole new bullseye for terrorists to target in the state of New York. Other examples of rebuilded crash sites would be the ground zero memorial, on the outside of the Freedom Tower (One World Trade Center) is a huge marble slab with the names of the lost people engraved in the stone. This helped people grieve and bring people closer together. The final example is the Flight 93 memorial in Shanksville Pennsylvania. This was the plane where the passengers took back control of the plane and had it not reach its target, which was thought to be the White House (“Hampson”). This memorial is the biggest of them, due to the huge back story behind the plane and how the passengers took back control of the plane. This is how the rebuilding of the crash sites changed the landscape of America to the way it is

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