Monument Synthesis Essay

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The need to memorialize events or people is complex; in some cases, monuments honor moments of great achievement, while in other cases, monuments pay homage to deep sacrifice. A monument 's size, location, and materials are all considerations in planning and creating a memorial to the past. In any case, the need to honor or pay homage to a specific person or event is prevalent within society. A monument has to mean something to the society it is place in. The location of a monument is perhaps the most important aspect of creating a successful monument to honor and show respect to a person or event. Kirk Savage suggests in Source A (Savage), “The public monument speaks to a deep need for attachment that can be met only in a real place, where…show more content…
Jason Kosareff agrees as he argues in Source D (Kosareff), “Developers have an eye for the cemetery site and the community of Asian businesses and residents nearby would like to see it gone because they think it brings bad luck.: Historical landmarks, such as graveyards, should not be removed as they are a part of a larger history. Monuments like graveyards, should not be disturbed because of their historical significance, but also out of respect for the…show more content…
A monument that is not desired will not be effective or honored such as the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota. People have to favor a monument being put in place in order for it to work. An example of this would be the Crazy Horse Memorial sculpture being developed in South Dakota. Lawrence Downes argues in Source C (Downes), “The Crazy Horse Memorial has some of the same problems: it is most definitely an unnatural landmark. Some of the Indians I met in South Dakota voiced their own misgivings, starting with the fact that it presumes to depict a proud man who was never captured in a photograph or drawn from life.” The landmark being put in place to honor Crazy Horse is not very well supported, therefore, it will not be very
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