Explain How The American Dream Changed After 9/11

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How the American Dream Changed After 9/11
It has been said that this great nation has always been paved with streets of gold, that opportunity is around every corner, and with effort anyone has the chance to make a name for themselves. America was the place that both citizens and immigrants could aspire to be all that they dreamed to be with a little bit of determination and hard work. That was the American Dream. However, when the dreadful morning of September 11, 2001 came, the American Dream forever changed. Four planes were hijacked. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center Twin Towers, one plane crashed into the U.S. Pentagon, and yet another crashed into a Pennsylvania field. It was discovered that a radical Islamic terrorist …show more content…

There are many examples of how our country’s patriotic ideals among citizens increased after September 11th. Since then, more American flags are waving, more memorials are being built, and more moments of silence can be heard. Novelist Barbara Kingsolver wrote about “her daughter returning from kindergarten a few days after a 9/11/2001 event saying, ‘Tomorrow we must wear red, white and blue...For all the people who died when the airplanes hit the building’” (Stinson). Memorials provide thanks for those who lost their lives specifically on that horrid day. The 9/11 Memorial in New York City, shows how much pride we now have in our country and just how significant this catastrophic event was in American history. This memorial and museum took over a decade to construct! As one drives through small towns, memorials of all sizes commemorating 9/11 can be found. Since September 11th, many more homes also display the American Flag. One might even see flags flying on cars or hanging over highway bridges. Parades also illustrate patriotism and pride in our beloved America since 9/11. Many of these activities show patriotism because it shows love for our country and a love for those that have been lost risking their lives to better ours. All of this seems harmless. But is it possible for there to be too much patriotism? Is it possible for excessive pride to change the American

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