9/11 Memorial Museum Research Paper

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The 9/11 Memorial Museum sits on 180 Greenwich Street in New York City directly where the twin towers used to sit. It was made commemorate the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001. This is the first year that this event will be taught in history classes in high schools across the nation since this year’s high school freshman class was not born in 2001. I was about four years old when 9/11 happened and although I don’t remember when it happened it has impacted my life. It has helped me to understand the concept of History besides what is taught in our textbooks. History is a novel idea that has been a continuous idea throughout our time in class. We have gone over what history means to us, the students; as well as the authors and filmmakers we have studied. For me, before this class, History merely meant what we …show more content…

I knew that it would be sad but I didn’t realize it would affect me so much. When you enter the museum you walk down some stairs into the main area and in the center there is a room. I walked around the perimeter of the museum first and there are many pieces from the event that you can view and see pictures of. There are remnants from the crash of the towers, from the motor of one of the express elevators to the segment of a radio and television antenna and a first response fire truck that got crushed when the building fells. Not one firefighter in that company survived. Also surrounding the exterior are posters of missing people that family member left in hospitals and on street corners hoping to find their loved ones but eventually became memorials, as well as the last column. The last column was located at ground zero and was a symbol for recovery workers and those who witnessed their efforts. Many family members attached picture and flowers to the column and others signed names and left messages. It was a symbol for hope and memorials to those who were

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