How Did 9/11 Affected New Yorkers

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All of America remembers 9/11, whether you were eight in the third grade or eighty sitting at home eating ice cream or whether you lived in California across the country or Pennsylvania next to New York. New Yorkers had a whole different view than the rest of the country that saw it on television. They were actually there, and most of the Americans that were killed or injured were New Yorkers. This historic event affected New Yorkers in different ways, some lost their lives, some lost their spouse, and some lost their parents. Not only did they lose someone they loved or almost lost their lives, this event affected them long term. Some have medical issues, mental issues, and emotional issues. The citizens of New York were affected severely by the event that happened on September 11, 2001. Out of the 2,606 people that died in the World Trade Center, 1,762 were residents of New York (Statistic Brain Research Institue). People not only died from the explosion of the airplane crashing into the twin towers, but had to make the decision to jump because there was no way out. Some of them …show more content…

Life is short and precious and you never know when will be your last moment. These people who lived in New York during 9/11 can testify to that. They have suffered tremendously, and maybe one day they will be at peace. They have not only lost many lives during this attack, but have lost loved ones. There are no words to describe how hard it is too loose someone you love, whether it is a child or a parent or a friend. They have lost body parts, their peace of mind, and kept them from achieving their goals in various areas. “Millions of people were affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks — from physical and mental health problems to financial loss” (The city of New York). The lives of New Yorkers will forever be changed because of this terrorist attack on our country, and hopefully next time we will all be more

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