Compare And Contrast 911 And Pearl Harbor

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This paper will discuss about the comparison between pearl harbor and 911. It will analyze, evaluate, and describe the responses the presidents had about these events. It will also investigate the roles that class, culture and religion played in these attacks that happened in the United States.
After the 9/11 attacks a lot of newspapers from Boston to Bakersfield reached into the distance past to find the correct title so there headline was “A New Day of Infamy” The same verse that President Franklin Roosevelt used to describe the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Even if it happened years ago or decades people still remember it and they still put it as their own historical context. Each generation will have a different meaning to the same event that …show more content…

It killed 2,400 innocent people. But before the attack occurred the American Commander at Pearl Harbor received a war warning, but Hawaii was not mentioned as target so they didn't worry or do anything. The Japanese planned to destroy all the US Navy ships and they succeeded to do so, they wanted to destroy all the ships to expand Japanese, and they came in with two waves of planes. Their plan was simple they destroy the Pacific Fleet that with the Americans wouldn't be able to fight back is Japan's Armed Forces to spread across the South …show more content…

Culture is a traditional way of a combination of a group or community that has the same beliefs, languages, behaviors, habits, their own way of living, etc. it has had many effects throughout these attacks. Through many years religion has become the central point of most cultures and became deeply involved in communities. It is hard to distinguish religion and culture because they are both linked together and create a whole. They have affected people throughout time because it has caused people to get more involved in their religious

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