Invovlement In WWII

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America's Invovlement in World War II Pacific Warfront America's involvement in WWII began with one of the Pacific Ocean Warfront Battles. On December 7, 1941, Japan invaded and bombed the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This battle was unexpected and destroyed many United States battleships, destroyers, and aircrafts. It also killed and wounded thousands of soldiers and even some civilians. The next day the United States declared war on Japan and entered WWII. Americans should learn of this event and the other Pacific warfront battles of WWII because there were effects that came from these battles that affect modern history. The Pacific Ocean Warfront battles affected history directly and changed America in a political way, …show more content…

When World War Two began, the Untied States declared their neutrality. Even though the Untied States were neutral they were giving ammo, guns, and other supplies and weapons to the Allied Powers. The Untied States also refused to give the Axis any supplies or weapons. Japan, as a declarion of war, bombed Pearl Harbor where the entire Untied States Pacific fleet was docked. The bombing killled many citizens and naval offiers. The untied states declared war on the Axis Powers and entered the war. The Untied States involvement in both warfronts changed the war completely. After Pearl Harbor, the japanese had many military triumps and successes. The Battle of Midway in june 1942 was a major turning point for the Allie powers in the war (World War II In The Pacific). Allied forces steadily gained naval and air supremacy as they liberated the islands that japan had conquered (World War II In The Pacific). The deadliest battle of the pacific warfront was the final battle of Okinawa after the european warfront had ended. The Okinawa battle was 82 days of ferocious warfare in appalling conditions. The loseses were tragic and major on both sides as many civilians joined the death

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