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The Battle of Iwo Jima was one of the bloodiest battles of World War Two. Iwo Jima had air stips that both the United States and the Japanese wanted to help them during World War Two. This battle did not end up going exactly as planned for either country. Both countries had their own strategy but neither succeeded. The Battle of Iwo Jima is an important battle to know about when discussing World War Two. Iwo Jima is located 760 miles south-southeast of Tokyo, Japan (Britannica). The shape of Iwo Jima is irregular. The width of the island can range from eight-hundred yards to two and a half miles, and the longest length of the island is five miles. In all the island is very small. Iwo Jima only has about an eight square mile area. Iwo Jima’s …show more content…

After the bombing, the United State troops approached the island. At their first sight, the troops thought that they had wiped out all of the Japanese troops. This is because the Japanese had dug a tremendous amount of underground tunnels and hideouts (Chen). This is why the United States had a very limited amount of success with the bombing. The Japanese Imperial Navy was instructed to stay in their positions until all of the beaches around Iwo Jima were full. Once the United States started pushing forward, the Japanese opened …show more content…

Japanese Imperial Navy only had a rough estimate of 21,000 men. Japan was outnumbered by many, many soldiers. Japan lost around 20,000 of their men, which was almost their whole army (Andrews). Americans had around 5,900 people killed and 17,400 wounded (Cowley). This was the only battle in which the United States Marine Corps had more casualties than Japan (10). When president Franklin Roosevelt heard about the casualties after the battle was over, he reportedly gasped in disbelief. Iwo Jima was one of the larger battles of World War

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