Pearl Harbor Persuasive Essay

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The battle of Pearl Harbor was a brutal surprise attack on the United states Pacific fleet and it was the kickoff point for the US to join World War II. Its something we should never forget. Pearl Harbor was one of the most memorable events in the history of the United states. When Japan attacked the US Pacific fleet it was totally unexpected on this Sunday morning December 7, 194. Japan wanted to attack Pearl Harbor because it was afraid the US would be able to attack from the Pacific. The United States after the attack started making these JapaneseAmerican Internment Camps which destroyed a lot of families and was unfair in my opinion. Later America decided to use an atomic bomb to end the war with Japan. Japan and the united states had a problem when Japan had taken over a place called Manchuria which was a part of China. Japan had tried to take over the rest of China as well in 1937, but that didn't end up working. …show more content…

The internment camps in my opinion were a waste of time, lives of innocent people were lost over nothing. There's nothing we can do about it now though. The war might have lasted months more if the US wouldn't had been a part of it. But still Pearl Harbor was tragic and will never be forgotten, many people, more than 2,500 United States troops died for the freedom of others. The who in the situation is Japan and the United States. The “what” is the battle of Pearl Harbor that brought the US into World War II. The when is from 1941 to 1945. The “where” is the island of Oahu Hawaii. The “why” is so the United States wouldn't be a threat to Japan from the Pacific. The “how” is by surprise attacking the United States. I wanted to make this paper on Pearl Harbor because it's what i'm most interested in and i want to inform who ever reads this, what happened there and why it was so important. Because it was important and will never be

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