What Are The Transformative Events That Change American History

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Throughout history America has had hundreds of transformative events that have changed the course of history through political, economic, and sociocultural effects. The most significant events aren’t the ones everyone remembers for being exciting but rather the ones that have impacted society and individuals the most. Many of these events that have shaped America most profoundly include wars, presidents, supreme court decisions, but they also include such events such as natural disasters, fires, and even scientific findings. Each event has not only impacted the time period it was set in but also may even still be impacting our lives today. By studying and analyzing America’s history one can learn the struggles and triumphs of a young nation that became the superpower it is today. Since declaring independence in 1776 America followed its own path and with each step, each decade, each presidency has it developed an important list of historical events. …show more content…

The attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese ranks second as it saved America from the great depression, changed the political landscape of the country and altered the future of the United States more drastically than any other event. The surprise attack left FDR with no choice but to wage war against Japan, leading to waging war against the Axis powers. However the true feat of history accomplished was America's mobilization for war soon after, ending the great depression, bringing full unemployment, and a new wartime economy. “With a farewell to normalcy an appreciation of the greater opportunities that the war crisis presents, public administrators today have an opportunity to enhance and permanently to establish the prestige of their calling in the United States”(Brinkley 175) The attack on pearl Harbor brought both devastation and prosperity to the United

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