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Claudia Ibañez World History AP- E May 19, 2016 Meneilly What if Paper INTRODUCTION Germany was little sour over World War I. There was a lot of resentment with the Triple Alliance, because of the Treaty of Versailles.This treaty really maimed Germany, cutting off 15% of their European territory, and they were forced to pay heavy reparations for the war. On top of this, Germany’s military was severely reduced; about two-thirds was gone. Other countries of the world wanted to make sure Germany would not cause any more problems. Germany had to take responsibility for the Great War. However, while Germany was paying to rebuild the rest of the world, Germany fell into a depression itself. Luckily for the Germans, a man named Adolf Hitler …show more content…

The war was mostly on the other side of the world, and there was not much benefit in joining the other side. However, Japan was angered with the United States for various reasons. Some say that they were mad because of a ban made by President Roosevelt. This ban stopped all trade regarding oil, steel, and iron with the U.S. This was a complication for the Japanese economy. Another potential reason that they chose to bomb the United States is that Japan had been the biggest naval power only to the exception of the United States. Japan would have wanted to beat their competition and get the honor of being the best. They chose Pearl Harbor because their goal was to take a hit at the American foundation by ruining their military base. Their original target was the aircraft carriers, but most of them were not there that day, so they had to go with Plan B and continue the attack on the battleships. They attacked on December 7, 1941 and they destroyed 18 ships as well as 300 aircrafts. One of the main reasons that this was successful was because of the element of surprise. The Americans were not expecting this at all. They won the battle, but not the war. This event infuriated Americans, and eventually was the trigger that caused the United States to join World War …show more content…

This could potentially be someone like France, Poland and Great Britain. This would probably be really devastating because a lot of people would be affected, especially if the bomb was dropped in Europe. Many, many people would have died because of the radiation. It wasn’t too bad for those around Japan because it is on an island. Therefore, it didn’t get very far because it is isolated. However, if the bomb was in Europe, the land is not isolated, and numerous people that weren’t meant to be involved would

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