Why Is Japanese Internment Justified

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Japanese Internment Among all of the other countries, one had the courage to bomb the United States of America. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor because of the threat the Navy had on the U.S. After that, America feared another attack or even worse, an invasion from Japan in the West Coast. In order to prepare for an invasion America decided to relocate all of the Japanese-Americans, mainly in the West Coast because they were the most threat. Many people debated whether relocating was the right thing to do. The internment of Japanese-Americans was justified because of the security in the Pacific Coast, fear of another attack, and because it was a military necessity. Security in the Pacific Coast was very crucial. Shores become a big threat …show more content…

The military has a hard time in war. If Japan were to invade the U.S. the military would have a hard time recovering the land that they had just lost. Many of the Japanese were not loyal and would join Japan in the invasion. The military deals with a lot in wars, if they were to be attacked from the inside, it would leave them very vulnerable. “Military forces feared an invasion of our West Coast and… because they decided that the military urgency of the situation demanded that all citizens of Japanese ancestry be segregated from the West Coast temporarily”(Korematsu 4). The military feared invasion, and to prepare the internment was a big step to the military’s demands. “The security of the Pacific Coast continues to require the exclusion of Japanese from the area now prohibited to them and will so continue as long as that military necessity exists”(DeWitt 1). As long as the military needs the exclusion of the Japanese, it will continue to happen. The military’s necessity is a very big priority. In conclusion the internment of the Japanese-Americans was justified because America needed security in the West Coast, fear of an attack/invasion, and because the internment was a military necessity. Although the internment was justified, there are many reasons why it was not justified. The Japanese were of no threat to the American society. “The Japanese here i almost exclusively a farmer, a fisherman or a small businessman”(Munson 2). There are other reasons, but in the end the Japanese were sent to internment camps, and it was

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