Persuasive Essay On Japanese Internment

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No innocent people like the Japanese Americans should have been punished or looked as bad people because of their ancestry. The bombing of Pearl Harbor caused the U.S. to fear the Japanese Americans, so they placed them in internment camps. Japanese Americans shouldn’t of been punished because most of them were born and raised on the West Coast. The condition of the camps were often not pleasant. Japanese Americans were viewed as alien and untrustworthy, and isolated from others. Life of a Japanese American was harsh and scary because you never knew what the mad people would do. Japanese Americans shouldn’t have been punished because most of them were born and raised on the West Coast. They had to sell their homes, stores, and most of their assets because they could not be certain their homes and livelihoods would still be there on their return. It made no difference that many had never been to Japan because Japananese American veterans of WW1 were forced to leave. The fear was that if Japanese invaded the west coast of America, they would be loyal to Japan instead of the U.S. They held Japanese prisoners in temporary shelters such as stables in racetracks. After the years had pass, the U.S. government felt sorry for what they did …show more content…

They had lost all rights as citizens, including all of their personal rights. The U.S. hired spies to make sure the Japanese were not making another threat. Now President Trump view Mexicans as illegal immigrants and illegal aliens. He feels that Mexicans are coming to America to live off government subsides, or committing criminal activity. President Trump says “ others are coming to steal higher paying jobs from American workers so the wall should be built”. Trump shouldn’t view the Mexicans as bad people because they are not the reason most Americans don’t work. Just because you are a certain race don’t mean you can’t trust their

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