Manifest Destiny Louisiana Purchase

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A Journey Through Time Manifest Destiny Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana purchase was a “watershed” event. This purchase nearly doubled the land mass of a new nation. We got this area from France in 1803. We purchased the Louisiana territory for 15 million dollars and increased in size by 828,000 square miles stretching from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains. In 1802 Jefferson predicted that Spain would retrocede to France, the vast area of Louisiana. From the deal that was made 15 states were eventually created. Since France was so slow at making the Louisiana area a slave area they asked the US if we wanted to purchase all if the Louisiana Area. 9 years after the US purchased Louisiana, the first state to be created was Louisiana…show more content…
This group has also been called the peace corps. The CCC was formed in March of 1933 becoming one of the first New Deal programs. Before Franklin D. Roosevelt was assassinated people wanted to create something that made an impact on not only the people but the environment as well. Through disciplined outdoor labor, this public works project was intended to promote environmental conservation. Through FDR’s opinions and the people, it was made to be a universal service for youth. He thought that with this group it would help with the unemployment issues and keep the youth “off the city street corners”. The CCC ran under the army. By the mid-1930’s more than 500,000 young men lived in the camps, most of which stayed between 6 months to a year. They did things like digging canals, and planting millions of trees in vast lands that were destroyed by fires, natural erosion, lumbering etc. Not to mention the CCC what responsible for over half of the reforestation in the nation 's history. They also built many wildlife shelters. They added much fish to rivers and lakes, cleaned up campgrounds and beaches, and restored historic battlefields. Although they try not to be discriminate toward blacks, they failed to let them have their fair share. By 1936 black participation reached ten percent. The CCC’s military disciplinary tactics helped greatly with the massive call-up of civilians for…show more content…
They managed to destroy nearly 20 American naval vessels as well as eight enormous battleships and more than 300 airplanes. Over 2000 soldiers and sailors died of the attack after an 1800 pound bomb hit the deck of the USS Arizona shortly after exploding along with another thousand wounded. The next day President Franklin D Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan. It was approved with just one objective vote. Thus, America joins World War Two. Although a tragic experience for most the bombing of Pearl Harbor was very important. The Bombing eliminated America’s isolationist ways. After the attack, America got this sense of patriotism that gave people the desire to fight japan. Others were so upset that they started making prejudices against Japanese-Americans. With this Japanese residents were rounded up and put in camps. Once in war, the taxes raised to support the war effort. The work industry became more important because they need cars, weapons, and ammo. The whole country changed gears and made sure they did whatever they could to win the war. The attack on Pearl Harbor helped people now with new technology that gets innovated and new items that will help with war and

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