Big Read Kick-Off Event Analysis

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The Big Read Kick-Off Event was the very first event you could attend. I chose to come to this event to learn about what the Big Read was about and what their goals were. I didn 't expect to learn so much about the history of Japan and it 's empire, I also didn 't expect to learn how the internment camps affected the generation after the event. I learned that Japan used to be a rising and very powerful empire, at one time they even colonized Korea. Since Japan was a rising power they saw one country in the way from keeping their empire secure, the United States of America. Hence the attacked pearl harbor. Japan did this without thinking about the consequences that would later come. Unfortunately for Japan, the U.S. decided to end the war with two nuclear bombs, little boy, and fat man. These two bombs devastated Japan and caused them to surrender. I also learned about the Internment Camps from an American Historians point of view. She explained that it was difficult for Americans from Japanese descent to recognized and looked at as American. Throughout the United State 's history becoming "American" has been a problem for non-white civilians. She also talked about how after the bombing at Pearl Harbor not only white Americans …show more content…

The event helped me connect to the text by affecting me personally. This event personally effected me when Amy Degra started her speech. She talked about her family being taken from their homes and having to burn all of their belongings. She said her family burned all letters and family photos, this left her with no family history. This hit me emotionally, I can 't imagine would it would be like not having any pictures of what my family was like. I was also connected to the text more listening to her and how she tries to match her family experience to the family in the book. I noticed that she was very passionate about Japanese Internment camps, this made me want to strive to be passionate about the book as much as

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