What Is The Japanese Internment Struggle In The Space Traders By Derrick Bell

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Derrick Bell’s The Space Traders is a science fiction short story that illustrates Wilderson’s claim that, “stability is a state of emergency for Black people. Although it is a realistic depiction of how society has sacrificed Blacks in return for stability, it does not draw attention to how Asian Americans affect and contribute to this ideal. In my revision I include the attitudes various Asian American groups have towards Blacks and how they would react to Bell’s proposed scenario. My revision of Bell’s work concludes with an ending that depicts how politicians have traditionally reacted to the opinion of Asian Americans.
In the first paragraph I revised Bell’s work by heightening the President’s concern for how the public will react to …show more content…

I decided to have the meeting of the Japanese organization begin with a look into racial discrimination in the past of America. I did this because a large of amount of racial discrimination in America was directed towards Japanese during the Internment Period after World War 2. The Japanese clearly suffered from the oppression during the interment period and would be the most sympathetic towards the Blacks. According to lecture, “U.S. forced the evacuation and relocation of 110,000 people of Japanese descent from the West Coast to internment camps throughout the country” (Kim). I decided to compare the Japanese Internment Struggle with this scenario because it would force all Blacks to leave their homes in order to better the lives of whites. I also decided to include the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 because it is supposed to play an important role in preventing similar events to internment from occurring again. According to lecture, in addition to awarding money to Japanese who suffered the act also provides funds and resources to inform people about internment and to ensure that nothing similar would happen in the future. I also decided to include the fact that the Japanese people decided to design propaganda in order to combat and fight the decision of sending all the Black people with the aliens. The propaganda was utilized by the Japanese to help assimilate the Japanese back into American society after their release from the internment camps. This propaganda would instead exemplify why Black American citizens are an integral in society and are crucial to the function of society. Because of the events that happened to the Japanese in the past regarding internment and their strong will to ensure that this not happen to any other race, my story the coalition strongly disagrees with the proposal and is on the anti-trade

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