How Did War Occur In The 1940s

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There are two different wars that both took place during the 1940s. The wars are different because one was the battle between the Americans and the British, and the other was the Japanese giving a surprise attack in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Back then, there were many reasons why our country was involved in fighting their lives in those wars or any other war; one reason could be that the people in Japan were being treated like outcasts. Other reasons might be that there were unfair laws, nobody had rights to do whatever they wanted, or the main reason could be that they did not get along very well and they did not trust each other. They might have thought that they couldn 't work together to form a better economy for the future of our world or for their family and they used to give up really easily and acted like quitters. The Battle of Britain was struggling with hard times which meant that the British Royal Air force erupted over Britain between July and October of 1940. The battle happened above Britain. The battle, which was the first major military campaign in history to be fought completely in the air (-www.History.com). Germany wanted to control the flying space in the sky. Many months later, the battle ended with the British Empire winning, and this great victory protected them from the invading Germans who …show more content…

Japanese fighter planes struck the base, and the fight lasted two hours. The battle was devastating. Most of the battleships in the harbor were destroyed, and about 300 other airplanes were destroyed. There were as many as 3,000 American soldiers and sailors who were killed in the attacked or wounded. Afterwards, President Franklin D. Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on the entire country of Japan. Shortly after this, Germany, Italy, and Japan declared war on the United States. This was the first time that America joined World War II.

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