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There are a a lot of events that led to the beginning of World War II. But, a lot of the events leading to World War II were a direct result due to World War I. One event leading to World War II started with Hitler rising to power in the 1930s, as he was trying to rebuild Germany. As Germany, was crippled due to World War I and the Treaty of Versailles. Germany was crippled due to World War I and the Treaty of Versailles because Germany lost the war, had to take responsibility, and pay a large amount of money. This caused Germany to be in a turmoil. Another cause of the World War II was that after World War I, the European nations wanted to maintain peace , but Hitler did not. Hitler became aggressive and started to take land from neighboring …show more content…

He took over Austria in 1938, the League of Nations did not stop him, so he took over Czechoslovakia. Then Britain and France’s hope crippled as they though there was going to be at peace through the failed appeasement policy known as the Munich …show more content…

Which was 1 an agreement between France, Italy, Nazi Germany, and Britain. [Since] Germany invaded the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, the British and French prime ministers tried to get Hitler to agree not to use his military in the future in return for the land he had taken. This act was unsuccessful as Hitler invaded the rest of Czechoslovakia, then this led Britain and France to declare World War II. Another cause of World War II was Fascism. Since the World War I left the economy a mess, countries were being taken over by dictators, as these dictators looked for new lands to conquer. Another cause of World War II was the Japan militarism and invasions in China in the 1930s. Additionally, another cause of World War II was that Great Depression left the world in a turmoil. The government was unstable, people were out of work, and trying to survive this terrible period in United States history. World War two had many causes as it was fought by the 2 Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan), and the Allied Powers( Britain, United States, Soviet Union, France) , and considered the most traumatic war in human

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