Ww2 Dbq Analysis

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Aggression and Atrocities Leading to WWII World War 2 began because of the totalitarian governments. During World War 1 they became they became allies. A totalitarian regime is a centralized government that controls the lives of citizens. Roosevelt wanted to stay neutral and wanted peace with Germany and Japan they both refused and decided to plan many acts of aggression. Roosevelt writing a letter to Hitler seeking peace, Einstein enlightening Roosevelt about nuclear weapons to help aid during the war, Roosevelt’s fireside chat and many more were a result of America entering the war.

The Nanjing Massacre was a Japanese invasion where the soldiers raped and killed their citizens. Many of them were tortured and treated inhumanly they surrendered. At the end of the massacre many Chinese soldiers bones were piled up in …show more content…

He wants Hitler to know that if he is able to help prevent a war then the world would greatly appreciate it because it could help everyone not just America and Germany (Doc C). Hitler replied to Roosevelt saying he refuses the request because he didn’t want to take responsibility for the German people because it wasn’t his job they should be able to do what they want. Hitler stated “I can and must refuse all responsibility of the German people and their leaders, if the further development, contrary to all my efforts up to the present should actually lead to the outbreak of hostilities…”. Also the peace between the conquered nations haven’t fulfilled any of their promises which makes him not want to even more (Doc D). Guessing that many people had decided that sooner or later America would be involved in a war many resources were to become available to us. Albert Einstein wrote a letter the Roosevelt telling him about nuclear weapons. He was telling Roosevelt about how they could help and/or hurt us during the war. If Roosevelt doesn’t construct them correctly it could cause lots of damage so he would need to

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