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In World War One, the Treaty of Versailles almost destroyed Germany and many Germans were upset. A leader in a socialist party, called Adolf Hitler was appointed chancellor. Then, soon the Fuhrer und Reichskanzler, or the Leader and Reich Chancellor of Germany. He was allied with the Japanese and Italy. He invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland and started the Second World War. As Germany was trying to take over Europe, the Japanese was trying to to take over the Pacific. The Japanese thought the United States was a threat, so they bombed Pearl Harbor. The United States of America was furious so the United States started to militarize their armies. They had over 14,000,000 soldiers ready for battle.

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So, women and minorities began working in the factories because the men were leaving for the Second World War. The United States of America was changing. To boost morale on the hard day at the factories, the women looked to figures like “ Rosie the Riveter “ and “ Wendy the Welder “ in Document One. They had catchphrases like “ We Can Do It! “ to keep their spirit high and keep working to win the World War Two. World War Two also impacted race relations because after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States was afraid of the Japanese, so the United States put all Japanese Americans in an internment camp, like the ones shown in Document …show more content…

After Pearl Harbor, Japan won many battles, but their success would end after the Battle of Midway when Japan had been destroyed beyond repair. So, as the United States kept fighting smaller islands to get to Japan's main island, it got very hard so they decided to use their secret weapon, the atomic bomb. A project, known as the Manhattan project, was creating a bomb so powerful it could wipe out cities. So, the United States used the “ Fat Man “ on Nagasaki, and the “ Little Boy “ on Hiroshima. The atomic bomb was a success and killed about 145,000 people in both cities. The Japanese surrendered about a week later. In Europe, the Allied powers destroyed Germany by the Soviet Union attacking Germany on the Eastern front and France, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America attacking Germany on the Western Front. The Soviets and the other allies met at Berlin and divided the city in half. Out of the smoke of World War Two, two superpowers came out, they Soviet Union and the United States of

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