World War Z Essay Outline

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World War Z Essay Outline
I. Introduction
a. Topic sentence: In the novel, “World War Z” by Max Brooks, the protagonist interviews several characters that have encountered the zombie crisis. In several of his encounters, the experiences from the characters are related to international relations.
b. Thesis: Throughout this essay, I will analyze four different interviews of Bob Archer, Travis D’Ambrosia, Whako, and Ernesto Olguin and analyze the individual, state, and international levels of analysis, as well as their varying realist and liberalist theoretical approach, and explain other approaches that are inferior.
II. Interview 1:
a. Topic sentence: First, the interviewer discusses the crisis with the director of the CIA, Bob Archer. Archer gives insight of the event with China and the CIA, and during the interview, Archer discusses the individual level of analysis and take a realist approach to his job during the war.
b. Quote: “There comes a point when you have to realize that the sum of all your …show more content…

Interview 4:
a. Topic sentence: Lastly, the interviewer speaks with Ernesto Olguin a merchant ship 's master on board during the Honolulu Conference with members of the United Nations. During his interview he discussed that the conference was more of an ambush. The goal of the conference were to build knowledge about military strategies to defeat the zombies. However, the American president made a point to let all know it was time to attack. This caused a massive argument for varying nations who had diverse opinions.
b. Quote: “Many of the colder countries were what you used to call the “First World.” One of the delegates from a prewar “developing” country suggested, rather hotly, that maybe this was their punishment for raping and pillaging the “victim nations of the south.” Maybe, he said, by keeping the “white hegemony” distracted with their own problems the undead invasion might allow the rest of the world to develop without imperialist intervention.” Pg.

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