Zombie Essays

  • Zombie Influence

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    reality into something that is praised heavily for decades to come? Despite the low odds, many creations have surpassed it, but nothing has left a greater impact than George A. Romero 's horror films that massively popularized the infamous "zombie." A zombie is a person that 's been brought back from the dead and feasts off of living humans. These undead beings have made their way through the 20th century into the 21st, reappearing in countless movies, as well as having several dozen video games

  • Zombie Popular Culture

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    the great depression in 1929. This section links my idea about the sociological study of zombie culture, to the culture of our country, while also introducing a new sociological idea. The idea that cultural productions, such as zombies, reveal something about the societies that created them, and cultural productions also uncover structural patterns of those societies. There is no coincidence that the first zombie movie was made in 1932 (Aizenberg), right in the middle of the great depression. Again

  • Zombie Movie Comparison Essay

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    that is owned by every movie: action, romance, horror, thriller, adventure, etc. One of genre of films are always liked by the audience from the beginning until now is a zombie film (Thriller, horror). Since old time, there are many producers that choose to zombie genre for their films. There are a lot of movies with the zombie genre got success. Some of them are iZombie and Train to Busan. Although both films have the same genre which in both films there are zombies, but basically both these films

  • The Zombie War Analysis

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    The Zombie War: World War Z Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller Rating: PG-13 Running time: 116 minutes I am sure that each of us love to watch movies depends on our choice of genre. For me I love to watch horror movie which is related to zombies. So I chose World War Z movie to make a review this time. Released on June 2013, this movie cost almost $200 million to make and successfully collected $500 million on tickets sold. All I can say, this movie is one of the most succeed

  • Zombie Spore Research Paper

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    Cordyceps, the Zombie Spore The members of the Ophiocordyceps genus are a species of fungi that have evolved a very special means of spreading their reproductive spores. By exposing insects to the spores of Ophiocordyceps, the fungus infects brain tissue and can essentially take control of the insect’s body, making it a “zombie” that can further spread the spores. Specifically, the fungus spread in the insect’s body and presumably produce compounds that affect the insect’s brain, utilizing the evolutionary

  • Symbolism In Zombie March

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    “Zombie March” by Brynn Macnabb is a story where the zombies are not dead, but living creatures that march for what they desire. Zombies come visit Amber Riley after her husband died. They tell her that her husband committed suicide on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial as a protest, but, before that, they march to protest change. In “Zombie March,” MacNabb uses symbolism to illustrate the theme, not all change is good because not all people want change. Symbolism plays an important role in revealing

  • Essay On Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

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    resolve the situation, many great minds guide readers to salvage through literature, often with irrelevant information one can justify. Ali Kahn’s “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse”, the schematic “How to Survive Zombies” and the Zombie Research Society’s “Mayans Destroyed by Zombies” enhances one’s lack of capability when surviving a zombie apocalypse by writing

  • Zombie Snails

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    Humankind has been familiar to zombie apocalypse scenarios for decades and probably centuries, but has neglected the actual possibility of one happening. In our surroundings, however, creatures are turned into will-less victims by extraordinary parasites and fungi. These take over their hosts’ bodies, and get them to commit actions unlikely for the species affected and use them as servants. Is it possible for these parasites and fungi to evolve and start affecting humans? One of the parasites responsible

  • The White Zombie Film Analysis

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    century, the word ‘zombie’ come from nzambi, in Kongo means’ spirit of a dead person’, or Zanbi. In zombie-related book, magazine, articles, movie films, even video games has based on zombies, this have to follow back to 1932, the year which the first full-length zombie films (White Zombie) came out. The White Zombie is directed by Victor Halperin, the film is telling that the revolves around a young couple Neil and Madeleine who have travelled to Haiti and Madeleine is turned into zombie by a Voodo master

  • Zombie Outbreak Persuasive Speech

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    ground. But some zombies can be created by viruses’ and vu do. In the last of us (video game) the zombie outbreak was from a zombie ant. When the zombie ant bite someone fungal residue on a human’s face and other parts of the body. The virus took 60% of the human’s species. If you don’t want to see people grow mushrooms out of head fallow the steps and rules that will tell how to survive the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! 1st thing to know two escape routes from the house or base make sure a survivor’s need

  • Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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    How would a person survive in the zombie apocalypse? Imagine waking up in the morning, the house as quiet as can be, everyone is nowhere to be found and the front door is wide open, outside of the window there are so called “people” roaming the streets. The zombie apocalypse has occurred. It was fall of 2013 when this zombie epidemic started it is called the Solanum virus. Flesh-eating zombies would come crashing through the living room windows of family’s homes, causing people to go into a state

  • A Zombie Virus: A Short Story

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    At the turn of the 26th century, a zombie virus was created, and NYC was bombed because of the zombie invasion. All citizens had to live in “protected” zones. Timmy is a 13-year-old boy who is outspoken, loving, and brave. Timmy and his best friend of 7 years, Butters, were on their way back to zone 13. Butters tripped, and Timmy quickly ran to help his best bud. When Butters stood up, he noticed a shiny metal sticking up from the dirt. The two teen boys began to dig up the dirt and uncovered a time

  • I Walked With A Zombie In Night Of The Living Dead

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    When you think of a zombie, what comes to mind? To most people a zombie is a cannibalistic creature that rises from the dead and is often linked with diseases. In the film Night of the Living Dead this is exactly what we get. The zombies are the main element of horror in this film and this is what holds our attention. Whereas in the film I Walked With a Zombie, the true terror is not being killed by zombies, but of becoming a zombie oneself. Even though the zombies in both these films are different

  • Will's Symbolism In Dumplin

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    mother, Rosie, do the things they do. The two most significant symbols in Dumplin’ are Will’s zombie dream and Rosie’s old pageant dress. Will had spent the day playing zombie video games at a friend’s house, and as she sleeps, she has a dream. In the dream, Will has become the main character of the video game and is fighting off beauty queen zombies. Towards the end of this dream, Will comes across a zombie that she describes as, “...dressed for the best day of her life in a torn red gown. Her crown

  • High School Zombies Persuasive Speech

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    together you tell them what’s going on and explain how to keep everyone safe. After that you need to ask someone if they would like to go get some supplies. Then you should talk to the teachers and the high school students about what to do when you see a zombie. This way you can keep everyone safe. Getting everyone and tell them what is going on when the zombies come to invade. Before all the power and radio stops working. Broadcast the news over the radio over and over, making sure everyone gets the news

  • Shaun Of The Dead Analysis

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    there are alternatives available. Among them is the 2004 British romantic zombie comedy movie Shaun of the Dead, directed by Edgar Wright. It tells the story of Shaun, a man attempting to obtain a handle on his life, get back with the love of his life Liz, deal with his unemployed, incompetent friend Ed and his parents; all of this in the middle of a zombie uprising. The flick on itself makes for a good time for long-time zombie fans with its homages to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead while attracting

  • Why Zombies Are Popular

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    If there was a zombie film showing in the movies, I guarantee that the zombie film will be sold out. Zombies today are probably more popular than soap operas and reality television shows. They even have games based off of zombies such as Call of Duty: Zombies, Resident Evil, Rising Dead, and much more. Zombies are even popular in stores. I see people wearing shirts, pins, wrist bands, or anything that has anything to do with zombies. Chuck Klosterman stated that, “Mainstream interested in zombies

  • Resident Evil: Movie Analysis

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    its sequels, belongs to the most important zombie games of all times (Dendle 164). The story is set in Raccoon City, in 'the hive', a secret research facility owned by the Umbrella Corporation. One of the company's developments is the 't-virus', which is set free by a group of people who want to expose the company's secrets, causing the virus to spread and infect the workers. As McAlister fittingly asserts: “One clear message of most post-Romero zombie films is that the zombies are a logical result

  • Kamera Genre Analysis

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    With the gluttony of genre films out there, the zombie genre has reached a point of oversaturation that some might find off-putting the amount of content flooding the market. From comic books to TV shows and endless films released every year, there 's a point where this subgenre can be said to be overwhelming such that when something new and original comes out it 's like a breath of fresh air and that applies to Shin 'ichirô Ueda 's newest zombie comedy Kamera o tomeru na!, or released internationally

  • Consumer Culture In George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead

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    overtake the mall, killing all the undead in their path. Homologous with America’s present economic and social culture, consumption is important to the survivors and the zombies. Although George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead is seemingly an apocalyptic-age zombie film, it exposes the true horror of American consumer culture, racism,