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In 1914-1918 there was a large war with many countries, peace was not a consideration. Not only did grown men were forced to fight in the war but boys that just graduated high school were forced, and died in war. “ what was the underlying cause of world war I?” one of the major cause of the war was militarism out of one of the four. The other three ar alliances, imperialism, and nationalism, but i 'm only walking about three of them, not nationalism. In documents A and B they talk about alliance. Alliance was in the 1914. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy were in the Triple alliance. John T. McCutcheon painted a cartoon called “The Crime of the Ages. Who did it?”. He saw people pointing fingers at americans, it 's in third party point of view. It would lead to widespread war because russia is allied with serbia and would fight with Austria-Hungary who is allied in Germany, who also gets attacked by the uk and France. The cartoon can be used the argue alliances because …show more content…

In documents E and F they talk about militarism. The cartoon “Freiheit Der Meere” was made in the language of Germany and was made is the year of 1917. “Freiheit Der Meere” means freedom of the seas, and “England Der Blutsauger Der Welt” means England, the blood sucker of the world. The cartoon meas that Britain colonizes everything. The total of Britain colonies in 1913 is 12,740,000 miles square. Colonies helped mother country economically by providing more resources, and they helped the militarily by providing more soldiers. The Milsim is a cause of world war I. Although there are more to cover the main idea is that Miles was the main cause of World War I. Just because of milsim there was a large war in many countries. Many people died, in the cause of this war. Militarism was the main cause but alliance,and imperialism was also the cause. Militarism was the main cause of the horrifying large war. So “What was the Underlying Cause of World War I?” all four, but militarism was the main

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