Dbq Analysis Of The Causes Of World War I

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Causes of World War I World War I was one of the worst battles in history. The number of money spent and deaths are unbelievable. Nations spent millions on the war. Militarism was a huge factor as to why the war was caused, as too many other reasons including Imperialism and Allies. The war was caused because of the distrust and accusations made by one nation to another. Militarism is the belief of keeping a strong military. Each nation would spend millions on weapons and keeping their military strong. Document C ‘‘Growth in Armaments, 1890-1914’’, states that nations including Great Britain, Austria-Hungary and many more spent millions on developing their armies, Great Britain being the nation that spent the most. Militarism helped …show more content…

Document E ‘‘The British Octopus’’ shows us how Germany viewed England. They referred to them as ‘‘Blutsauger der Welt’’, which means bloodsucker of the world. They used propaganda and showed us how England was trying to gain territory. Imperialism contributed to causing the war because nations would make accusations and they wouldn’t trust each other. Having allies with another nation wasn’t a bad thing, but it did cause distrust between nations and it also caused them to fight for an alliance. Document A ‘‘European Alliances, 1914’’ shows us the different types of alliances that nations had with each other. Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy were known as the Triple Alliance. There was also the Triple Entente, an alliance between France, Great Britain and Russia. Alliances helped cause the war because nations would be against each other and they would also want to be dominant. Although there were many reasons that caused World War I, Militarism, Imperialism, and Allies were the main factors. Militarism made nations want to prove their power. Imperialism caused distrust and propaganda. Allies caused nations to fight for dominance. World War I was a big battle and caused nations to spend money and lose millions of people during the

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