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The expansion of armies and militarism was a leading cause of World War 1. Although several forces created tension among the nations of Europe, militarism was the most significant for pushing countries into war. Each country that fought in the war was planning on obtaining better military strength and forces. Militarism would allow countries to develop, and if they were lucky enough, they would acquire more land. Milltirims also united the country as a whole. Countries would show glimpses of the war to boost nationalism which would get more people to sign up for the military. The triple alliance, United Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, were the ones to declare war. They were out to seek revenge for the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Their motive was to take power from the opposing countries and scare them. Document I states, “send a German warship…project German power and intimidate the French.” This political cartoon was indirectly terrorizing the opposing nations alongside boosting people's morals to join the military. Encouraging people to join the military gave countries a better chance at winning. …show more content…

United France, Russia, and Great Britain did not need this war. Though, fighting in this war included benefits for them. The main advantage they would receive is better and stronger armies. When Germany sent out military cartoons, Berlin delivered an ultimatum to the county; if they did not stop showing cruel cartoons, war would be declared. Germany did not, and soon Britain did declare war on Germany. In Document H it expresses the following, “ordering Germany to stop its military campaign… Britain declared war on Germany.” Britain only declared war when the topic of militarism was brought to

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