What Are The Causes Of The Great War

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In the Great War, many soldiers were losing their lives in the field. The alliance that were in the war, were ultimately fighting for the desire of power. Countries like Germany and Austria-Hungary that were a part of the war wanted to be in control of as much as they could. This caused a lot of tension with the Triple Entente, which was an alliance between France, Great Britain, and Russia. With all them waiting to be the best of the best, Austria-Hungary and Germany had to up their military and have their people ready to fight any war. Also, something that the alliances all wanted was the best resources such as; raw materials, gold, and produce. Lastly, with all the talk about war many of the countries in the alliance would use propaganda to distract the people of the real damage war can cause. …show more content…

All the alliances were already preparing themselves for a massive war to take over eventually. Serbia, being in an alliance with Russia, was the first to challenge Austria. Serbia wanted to become their own country and not depend on another country but, Austria was not about to let that go easily. Serbia eventually grew this hate between the people of Austria and likewise with the Austrian people. Hate is what ultimately lead to the assassination and what became the beginning of the Great

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