How Did World War 1 Get Alliances Dbq

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“In war there are no unwounded soldiers” (Jose Narosky). Prior to World War I, alliances were formed, which were groups/ countries formed to keep peace among the Great Powers in Europe. The first alliance, the Triple Alliance was a military alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The second alliance, the Triple Entente was another military alliance between Great Britain, France, and Russia. Having rival alliances in Europe, confrontation between both alliances had started to occur. “Military is a policy of glorifying military power and keeping a standing army, always prepared for war” (Chapter 13 Section 1). Soon almost all of Europe had joined the largest, most catastrophic war in the world. The underlying cause of World War…show more content…
The Triple Entente banded together and all blamed Germany for starting the war. According to Document B, France, Great Britain, and Russia were all pointing the finger at Germany, blaming them for starting the war. Due to the alliance's, most of the European countries became involved, not just Austria and Serbia. As stated by Document B, Germany was standing in front of Austria trying to help defend them, however, that then gave the other European countries another reason to accuse Germany for the start of World War I. Each alliance managed to stay together with defending each other throughout the massive…show more content…
However, according to Document C, by the year of World War I, Germany had spent 90 million pounds on building up their army. The amount of money spent on building up their army had many European countries worried and concerned. Germany’s army isn’t the only thing that they started to mysteriously build up on. In Document C, Germany started expanding on their navy in the 1910’s, leaving Great Britain feeling suspicious. Believe it or not, Great Britain's suspicion that something fishy was going to occur, Germany began to sink ships in the British waters.
Although some may argue that alliance’s were the underlying cause of World War I there’s some that may beg the differ. Either way they try to argue it Germany was in control of each underlying cause. Having alliance’s Germany wanted to defend its partnering country, however the opposing alliance put the blame on Germany for starting the war. Strangely Germany began building up their army and navy prior to the start of war, leaving the other countries left with limited time to build up and prepare their army and navy for the unexpected. All in all Germany was involved in all of the underlying causes of World War
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