How Did The Treaty Of Versailles Treaty Help Cause Ww2 Dbq

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It’s 1939, Hitler has risen to power wreaking havoc on other countries. This is the start of what is known as WWII. Taking a few steps back is WWI. It all started in 1914 and ended in 1918, this is commonly referred to as the “Great War”. This war dealt with the Triple Alliance, the Triple Entente, the Central Powers, and the Allies. After this war ended on November 11, 1918, leaders from the countries made a treaty called the Treaty of Versailles. After this treaty was made, many things happened and the question in many people 's minds was how did this treaty cause WWII? The Treaty of Versailles helped cause WWII by treating Germany harshly in these three ways: Their army was reduced, they lost territory, and the number one reason is all of the blame Germany got. One way that the Treaty of Versailles treated Germany harshly was the way that it reduced their army. After the date of March 31, 1920, Germany wasn’t allowed to have over one hundred thousand soldiers in its army, (Doc B) Germany would more than likely be furious because what if they were attacked? They felt vulnerable to everyone. France is right next to Germany, and refuse to let them have any military forces at the border. (Doc A) Germany is even more defenseless and they have to obey by what France tells them. Since …show more content…

The treaty took coal producing areas away, reducing the coal production to forty percent (Doc A) The coal is how things run and work and without having that it is like living in a world before the Industrial Revolution. After WWI, Germany began losing land that was taken by other countries (Doc A) The loss of land made Germany furious and wanted to get it back. Anyone losing territory is a big deal especially if it helps the country run better. Taking away their land and not letting them have a certain amount is a time when Germany wants to take it back, and will stop at

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