Causes Of The Treaty Of Versailles Dbq Essay

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A. The Treaty of Versailles was created as an agreement that Germany would pay for the damage that was produced during World War I. However, it might have been the most important creason of World War II. Many of the leaders saw it coming, yet they just ignored it. B. In what aspects did the Treaty of Versailles impact on World War II? C. The terms of the Treaty of Versailles imposed on Germany were impossible to meet which provoked conflict. D. The agreement of the pact inspired Germany’s territorial loss, weakness, and population decrease. A. The Treaty of Versailles promoted Germany to lose part of its important territory. B. Territorial loss meant loosing lots of resources that were needed for Germany to maintain its good economy. In document A, the note placed under the map mentions that due to the loss of the territories, the coal production reduced by 40%. This demonstrates how the country’s economy suffered. It lost the territories where the sea ports stood. They were no longer able to trade as much as they did before. Because they couldn’t trade, they didn’t make money enough to keep its economy stable and …show more content…

The population of Germany decreased greatly due to the treaty. B. Loss of territory meant loss of citizens. In document A, the map demonstrates the territories that were lost. This implies that the loss didn’t only decrease their prophets however, the employees that worked there as well. These employees could have moved to the other parts of Germany to make money there nevertheless, they were forced to move in with the country taking over. This engendered lots of the citizens to be scared and feel unprotected. C. Furthermore, the number of military soldiers was also dropped. Document B mentions how the army members was reduced to only 100,000. This increased the feeling of being unsafe. The citizens needed a strong leader to take control, which was where Hitler came in place. D. They lost employees and soldiers causing Hitler to take

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