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World War I ended in 1918 with the victorious Allied powers, and the peace-promising Treaty of Versailles. However, this treaty 's peace did not last long as its unrealistic demands caused strong resentment within the Central powers against the Allied powers. Territorial losses, reparation payments, and inflation all left Europe in economic ruins. The damage and destruction that resulted from World War I paved a clear path that allowed for World War II to occur. It began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler gained power and, with the help of the Nazi Party, turned Germany in a totalitarian dictatorship. Germans ' appeal of Hitler and the Nazi Party in the early 1930s was due to their nationalistic senses, Hitler 's magnetism, as well as the possibility …show more content…

The first way in which Hitler appealed to the Germans can be attributed to nationalism. Nationalism, excessive pride in one 's country, caused Hitler and the Nazi Party to seem attractive because it was almost second nature. Germans ' hearts burst with pride and "supreme love of their fatherland..." (doc 2). The people of Germany loved their country, and therefore, loved their leader. They were willing to drop everything and fight for Germany if their leader ordered them to. In addition to this, years before the war occurred, Hitler 's name and the Nazi swastika were inevitable throughout German towns (doc 7). This endowed the strong sense of nationalism within Germans. Their minds were trained to love Hitler and the Nazi Party due to their constant exposure to his name and symbol. Also years before World War II, a German newspaper accounted the Nazi Party Nuremberg Convention in 1936. According to this article, marches and ceremonies like this occurred frequently, which shows how loyal and passionate Germans were towards their homeland (doc 8). When Hitler entered the stage, he would receive an "applause...that lasts for minutes" (doc 8). These ceremonies heightened Germans ' sense of nationalism, and the fact they were celebrating a Nazi related convention shows their loyalty towards this party. However, this document could be slightly biased because it is from a newspaper article. Newspapers are notorious for stretching the truth and using an abundance of euphemisms, therefore, the Germans ' love for their leader may not be as genuine at

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