The Blame Game: The Cause Of The Holocaust

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The Blame Game When a person is murdered, or hurt an investigation happens. This usually leads to a murderer, and accomplice. This murderer goes on trial and is either found guilty or not guilty. During the time period of January 30, 1933 to May 8, 1945 a mass murder happened of about 11 million people in Germany. This has become known as the Holocaust. 11 million people were murdered, from babies to adults and the people who had it the worse were the Jews. As when someone is murdered there is always someone responsible for the action. For the murders during the Holocaust there were many people responsible. Whether they had direct action or indirect action, many groups of people were still responsible. Although many groups were …show more content…

By getting the youth of Germany to believe in Hitler's ideas the propagandists produced a new generation of people with the ideas and beliefs of Hitler implemented into their heads, making them easier to control. Of course there was also many German citizens in Germany, so in order for the propagandists to get their ideas across they would need to make sure their ideas were able to get to each and every citizen. This meant the propagandist had to use every form of Propaganda to control people. They used posters, songs, Radio, Films, Newspapers, and books. These forms of Propaganda worked exceptionally well due to people being constantly exposed to these forms of propaganda anywhere they went, making it very easy to brainwash the german citizens with their ideas. Another way Propagandist were responsible for the most direct action of the Holocaust was because they used many different tactics of propaganda to spread the nazi ideas. These some of these tactics were fear, nationalism and name calling. By doing rallies for Hitler when a large amount of people gathered to hear how he was going to make Germany “great” it showed nationalism with the people cheering and

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