How Did Hitler's Impact On German Youth

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Hitler was wrong to use German kids for his own pleasure, and protection for his army. These kids’ lives were changed for the worse. Many kids did not even get to finish their education. Kids did not even get to do anything fun, because Hitler banned it. Hitler used youth to ensure that his legacy would be carried on, because their minds are easier to manipulate. Many German children were part of Hitler’s youth movement. [1] Kids of all ages were part of the Hitler youth. There were six to ten-year-old boys that mostly did outdoor activities like “hiking, rambling and camping”, which prepared them for military training when they got older (History on the Net). [2] Among the Hitler youth, there were also ten to thirteen-year-old boys, and military training was more of a priority than outdoor activities. [5] Although military training was higher in priority, these boys also learned how to look at different things, like race, from a Nazi point of view. [4] Trying to get as many kids as possible, Hitler also had fourteen to eighteen-year-old boys. They were trained to be soldiers “by doing military activities” (History on the Net). [3] Surprisingly, Hitler used girls as well, …show more content…

“The Nazi party targeted German youth as a special audience for its propaganda messages” (Indoctrinating Youth). [1] Hitler used propaganda, because it was one of many ways to get some to believe the same thing he did. [2] Above a certain age, minds are really hard to manipulate, so Hitler used children. [6] Hitler drastically changed kid’s lives. [3] Amazingly, Hitler even changed up what kids were taught. [4] Trying to gain power, he banned boy scouts and other “children’s groups associated with political movements” (Blackmore). [7] Hit with a great idea, Hitler knew that if he could change certain things, kids would listen to him, because they would know that he has

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