The Importance Of Education In Nazi Germany

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In 1920 the Reichstag, which was the German government at the time, passed a law, stating all children aged 6-14 must go to school. In the schools the Nazi’s were ordered to concentrate especially on propaganda for youth. They focused on the children from such a young age because they found it was much easier to alter their way of thinking. They did this because they saw the children as the future citizens of the “Thousand year Reich”. The “Thousand year Reich” was Hitler’s prediction that his ideas would last 1000 years in Nazi Germany. In this essay we discuss how the education was affected by the rule of Hitler.

Why was the education so important in Nazi Germany?
The education was so important because the children were the next generation of Nazi Germans and if they wanted their ideas to last they had to plant them in the brains of the young people. They also wanted to prevent the children from having their own opinion on Nazism. Hitler wanted the children to become loyal supporters of Nazi Germany and the ideas it was promoting, so that by the time they were old enough to join the military Hitler would have a strong and loyal army.

What was being taught in elementary schools?

The subjects that they taught in elementary schools in Nazi Germany were the same subjects that we’re all being taught today, but the way they were being taught were very different. After Hitler came into power, PE became one of the most important subjects to be taught in

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