Nazism Dbq Essay

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The rise of the Nazism caused life to change politically, economically, and socially for the Jewish people. It changed politically because they began to lose rights. Their lives changed economically because they were forced to leave their jobs and the Nazis took all their money and belongings. The social life of Jews were also affected because of unfair propaganda. Parents and schools were teaching the kids that Jews were bad so they were shunned and made fun of. These aspects affected their everyday life.

The lives of Jews were changed politically. When the Nazis took over, the Jews were no longer able to vote, hold public office, and hold civil right positions (Doc 3). They were also not able to go to certain areas of the city. Restaurants, …show more content…

The Nazis put signs in front of the Jewish stores telling the German citizens not to shop there (Doc 4). This affected their businesses because now that the Germans weren’t coming there, not enough money was being made. The Jews were also banned from farming, this meant that they weren’t able to provide as much food for their families (Doc 3). A lot of Jews were left jobless because the Germans would not hire them. A lot of this was because of all the propaganda going around. Before the Nazis took control, the a lot of Jews had owned their own businesses and were wealthy (Doc 1). When the Germans became in charge, all that was taken away from them. The Jewish people also had to pay huge atonement fines and discriminatory taxes (Doc 3). This was a way for the Nazis to get money from the Jews. Also, money was taken from the Jew’s bank accounts and they were excluded from stock brokerage and stock exchanges (Doc 3). This impacted the Jews …show more content…

They were looked at as an outcast and were portrayed as monsters (Doc 2). Children stories created by the Germans created an image that Jews were bad and would harm the Germans (Doc 2). Because of this, the German children mistreated the Jews because of what their parents were teaching them. These acts were also influenced by their teachers. Jews had to go to a different school because they were no longer welcomed at their currents schools. Their new schools were ran by all Jewish people. The Nazis did not consider the Jews human. They were treated like trash and as if their lives were nothing compared to the German people. The sad part about it is that many of the Jews, had been native born and their families had been living in Germany for centuries (Doc1). The Germans took none of this into consideration. At concentration camps, a lot of Jews were killed without a reason. A lot were killed if they were old or weren’t stable enough for labor. If they did not follow orders or the Nazis didn’t like their performance, they were also shot. Unfortunately, some Jews were shot without a reason. Another method to annihilate the Jews was gas chambers. The Jews would be forced that they were going to take a shower, and then they would be forced into this room where they would then be gassed and killed. A lot also died from poor nutrition and hygiene (Doc 6). They were fed occasionally and were not able to clean themselves up and

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