Life At Concentration Camp Essay

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Daily Life at Concentration Camps
Starving, cold, unclothed, sick, and hard working people were all put in concentration camps and treated horribly. The Jewish workers worked hard all day everyday or else they would get killed. The way the Nazi’s treated the Jews was extremely bad, the Jews would not get food, clothes, beds, and other necessities. There were all types of camps that had all kinds of jobs, you were assigned a job and didn 't get to pick a job. The Jews had a very compact schedule, they were busy all day, never any time to waste. Since no doctors, lots of diseases got passed around throughout the camps. The life of Jews controlled by Nazi’s was no life to live.
Nazi’s treated Jews with the most ruthless, and often quite refined, cruelty. The Jews would not get fed good and did not get many clothes. As they arrived at camp they got there clothes taken and then received the striped pajamas. The shoes were supplied and they were wooden clogs, but the catch was no socks were provided. Because no socks were worn their feet would get blisters and sore all the time. The striped pajamas got washed only every six weeks usually and you worked and slept in the same clothes so they got very dirty. The Nazi’s would kill the Jews if they did not do what the Nazi’s said, or they did not like the …show more content…

At camp they would work untill the Nazi’s thought it was time to kill them. During 1933 the Nazis started to establish a network of camps. They were concentration camps due to the fact that they were used to concentrate enemies and certain groups of people in one place all together. Not one was better than the other for the Jews though, they all were gonna eventually gonna get killed by either sickness or the Nazi’s. The camps were not kept well, they were kept dirty and nasty cause it did not make a difference if they were clean or not to the

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