Non Jewish Victims Of The Holocaust Essay

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Non- Jewish Victims of the Holocaust
In the Holocaust, Nazi killed numerous people, both Jewish and non- jewish. Hitler was the cause of the Holocaust. Countless people suffered because of Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany. There were few survivors in the Holocaust, they went through a lot during that period of time. The people, lived in ghettos and also were transported to concentration camps, where they died from gas chambers, forced labor, etc,. It was a hard time in life for people in Germany.
There were many Non- Jewish victims in the holocaust in Germany. Those Non- Jewish people consisted of: African Americans, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and countless more Non- Jewish people in the Holocaust. They were treated like the Jewish people also. They put the African Americans into the Nazi camp system. In 1937, Gestapo rounded up & sterilized African Americans. The Africans …show more content…

The Holocaust lasted for some years and millions were killed during those years. Adolf Hitler was a cruel leader of Nazi Germany. He treated the Jews and others extremely wrong. Auschwitz was where the concentration camp was and numerous people were killed in Auschwitz. Concentration camps were where most people died at, they arrived at the camps by being loaded up into traincarts. The people who survived the Holocaust were extremely lucky to make it through all of the things they had to go through. Germany with a lot between 1933 through 1945. The ghettos were shelters for the victims. Even though there were more Jews murdered than Non- Jewish, there were still numerous Non- Jewish people killed during the Holocaust. African Americans were an example of Non- Jewish victims in the Holocaust. Children also suffered in the Holocaust, they were considered as unproductive and useless, the children couldn’t work like the adults and the Nazi said they were pretty much useless and millions of children died in the

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