Compare And Contrast The Nazi Treatment Of Blacks In America During Ww2

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WW2 was one of, if not the worst war to ever take place on this earth. Millions of people died during the war, and most of them were because of discrimination against certain people or races. The Jews in Germany were treated harshly during this time, and the blacks in America were no different. The treatment of Jews in Germany was very similar to the segregation of blacks in America. The Nazis were inspired by the segregation in America, and although similar, it is easy to see why the Nazis treated the Jews worse than America treated the blacks. Jews had very little opportunities in Germany, because before the oppression, some were very rich and wealthy, unlike the blacks in America. The Jews were treated very harshly in Germany, and although the blacks were also treated this way, it could never …show more content…

They saw what they did to blacks and how they discriminated them. It's hard to see how the Nazis treatment of Jews is based off America, because they used more severe measures. "As Adolph Hitler and the Nazi regime rose to power, black-ran newspapers quickly recognized that the Third Riech saw the American system of race law as a model. Describing a plan to segregate Jews from German railways." Because of the ways America treated blacks, the Nazi Regime become worse, eventually leading to WW2. As the war went on, it was continuously used by the Nazis.

The Nazis way of segregating the Jews was very intense and extreme. Jews were sent to concentration camps which forced them to work and would eventually kill them if they were unable to do anymore work. "Nazi views was that the Jim Crow was a suitable racist program in the United States because American black Laws were already oppressed and poor, but then in Germany where the Jews were rich and powerful, it was necessary to take more severe measures." African Americans had more rights than Jews at this point and could do many things in and for the

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