The Nuremberg Laws: An Important Part In The Holocaust

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All About the Nuremberg Laws
Over 6 million Jews were killed and the Nuremberg Laws was one of the many reasons.
The Nuremberg Laws were against the Jews. The laws discriminated and tried to remove them all. The Nuremberg Laws were a big part in the holocaust and one of the main reasons for millions of people losing their lives. The Nazi’s passed the Nuremberg Laws in order to dehumanize and terrorize the Jewish people.
The Nazi’s are blamed for the creation of the Nuremberg Laws and all people who were involved and took action can be punished. “ The tribunal ruled that there are such things as war crimes and crimes against humanity (including murder, torture, and slavery), that individuals can be held criminally responsible for …show more content…

But, unfortunately, they did not.
General Patton had them” (“The Nuremberg Laws”). Even though the original copy of the
Nuremberg Laws were not present at the trial, they were important evidence in the trial. “The so-called "Nuremberg Laws"— a crucial step in Nazi racial laws that led to the marginalization of German Jews and ultimately to their segregation, confinement, and extermination—were key pieces of evidence in the trials, which resulted in 12 death sentences and life or long sentences for other Third Reich leaders” (“The Nuremberg Laws”).
Nuremberg, Germany was known as the center of the Nazi movement. It was where the laws were created and then later where the trial took place to punish those who participated in the inhumane treatment of Jewish people. The Nazi’s passed the Nuremberg Laws in order to persecute and torment the Jewish people. The Nuremberg laws defined who was considered
German and who was considered Jewish and then limited the human rights of the defined Jews.

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Those involved in the Nazi movement were all put on trial and punished even if they were

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