Holocaust Dbq Essay

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During the Holocaust, six million Jews were sent to their deaths. Nevertheless, in the Holocaust literature, one can find the glimpse of joy. In 1933, in Germany, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party created a German Empire & Jews were no place in Hitler’s vision. Love & Laughter were two of the main things that made Jews and other people forget the time happening in the Holocaust, including nature. Almost 2,700,000 Jews were sent to extermination camps such as, Treblinka and Chelmno, where they were lately killed. How did Jews survive or get there mind off of the happening of the Holocaust? In 1941, a girl named Syvia and her family; Dora and her parents were forced to live in a ghetto including 164,000 Jews (Doc.A). Syvia’s mother did not eat her food because in (Doc.A) it said that there was not enough food for dinner. Syvia said “Momma doesn’t eat her meal, she gives it to me instaed”. Her mother showed her love by putting her food on Syvia’s plate Some people neede love to survive. In (Doc.B) Syvia had went outside where she could’ve beem shot because she was Jewish but she was enjoying her sweet pair that made her forget everything that was …show more content…

In (Doc.A), Syvia and her family also experienced laughter. While they were at the table in (Doc.A), Papa told her that her mother was a noble women and that she gave Syvia life through pain and still did. Syvia thought about that and wondered why did it hurt her mom to give her life. Syvia asked “Didn’t I just pop out of her belly button”? She said to where everyone heard her and started laughing. In (Doc.C) Liesel, who lived with her foster parents, and had a Jew who had been hiding in their basement, were having so much fun and laughter they forgot that the ice was right there. They played with it and had a snowball fight and built snowman. Everyone ounce has laughed before in their life to forget about something to take their minds off of

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