How Did The Holocaust Impact Me

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The Holocaust is the most significant historical event that I have studied so far. This tragic event took place during World War II and only very few survivors lived to share their shocking experiences. I have read a few of these survivor’s stories, such as Night, by Elie Wiesel and it has personally impacted me and influenced my thinking in various ways.
The Holocaust was the greatest act of hate, violence, and anti-semitism. In fact, the Jews faced many horrifying obstacles in order to stay alive, such as concentration camps, death marches, ghettos, and killing centers. All of these malevolent obstacles were created by the Nazis in order to fulfill their “Final Solution,” or in other words their plan of terminating the existence of the Jews. Additionally, the Jews had their property confiscated and their lives restricted by more than four hundred decrees and regulations. With this, the Jews had lost their civil rights while being simultaneously dehumanized. They were forced to shave off all their hair, wear very thin clothing in freezing temperatures, forced to do hard labor, were given small …show more content…

Specifically, just reading and watching documentaries about the Holocaust saddens me because of how many Jews died, even young children who didn’t get to live their life to its full extent. It also upset me of how the Jews were also unaware of how they would all ultimately meet the same fate, death. With the little knowledge of not knowing what was happening around them has shown me that you must stay aware and observe what’s happening in the world because you never know what will happen. For instance, a person might not be as involved in politics and Trump might issue an order that would get rid of sanctuary cities and if that specific individual happens to be an illegal immigrant, they are put at risk of facing legal consequences if they were ever inquired about their immigration

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