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Prior World War I Europe had a long term of peace with in the countries. Lots of imperialism was happening at the time. Most of the European countries had colonies around the world. Although most of the countries were threatened by each other due to the amount of colonies each country had. In attempts to show their superiority over its surrounding countries Germany decided to build up their army, causing the surrounding counties to mimic Germany's actions The European countries where frighten by each other leading to the creation of alliances more specifically the Triple Alliance consisting of Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary and the Triple Entente containing Russia, France, and Great Britain. Once the Assassination of Sarajevo had passed, the war started causing the alliances to rename themselves and add to their alliances. Russia, France, and Great Britain became the Allied Powers during the war, the United States joined the Allied Powers later in the war. While Germany, Italy, and the Ottoman Empire became the Central Powers. The main reason of the cause of this war are the amount of militarism and …show more content…

In a newspaper two years before the war had even begun, the founder of an Serbian extremist group called the black hand says that the only way for Serbia to gain freedom and honor is threw war (Document 3). The newspaper states “This war must bring out the eternal freedom of Serbia.” Not only did Serbia want freedom from Austria-Hungary but hornor as well. Thinking that the war was the only way to gain the freedom and honor they wanted, Serbia looked to their only option for a band of extremists to kill the prince of Austria-Hungary. This is a extremely significant part of why World War I started because of an assassination of a leader in Austria-Hungary country. Just to add on to even more causes of this specific war. There is one final reason that World War I had

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