How Did The Assassination Cause Ww1

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Ever since the beginning of man there has always been war but World War 1 was one of the deadliest conflicts in history with more than 17 million deaths. WW1 was a war fought in Europe between Great Britain, Russia, the U.S , France, Germany, and many others. On the morning of June 28 of 1914 the Archduke of Austria also known as Archduke Franz Ferdinand was in his car with his wife until the car was shot upon by a serbian assassin and they both ended up dying. The death of the Archduke created chaos in the Balkans and one thing lead to another and soon all of europe was at war. So what truly started WW1? Many believe that it was either Nationalism, Imperialism, Militarism, Alliances or Assassination. There has been many arguments over time …show more content…

The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 was what many say what started it all, but why? Before the Archduke and his wife got killed there were many conflicts going on with Austria-Hungary and Serbia. So when the Assassination happened Austria-Hungary was convinced that Serbia was involved with his death. Many people believe that Austria-Hungary was just looking for somebody to blame to start a war. But on July 19, 1914 Austria-Hungary took advantage of the assassination and sent a letter to Serbia dealing with disagreements they had. Serbia accepted all of their demands except for two. Austria-Hungary was furious that Serbia did not agree with everything so they declared war on Serbia on July 28. Many countries in Europe had treaties with either Serbia or Austria-Hungary and different countries started declaring war on each other and one thing led to another soon all of europe was at war. As you can see many believe that the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand is what started WW1 because it is what started war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary and sooner or later all of europe was involved in this …show more content…

Militarism is one of the main causes of WW1 because after 1907 there was an increase in military influence and production. After 1870 the war atmosphere within alliances led to an arms race among the powers. As the race kept getting more serious there was a rise in the army estimates. From 1910 to 1914 according to article named “World War 1 “ by “” France increased their arms by 10%, Britain by 13%, Russia by 39%, and Germany with the most increased by 73%. With everyone improving their military this showed that war was coming and that countries were getting prepared. With everyone improving all european powers were ready for war by 1914. This all shows us that Militarism is a cause of WW1 because it made countries see that people were getting prepared for war so they knew a war was going to

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