How Did The First World War Start Dbq

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Many factors played into the start of World War I like nationalism, the arms race, the lack of balance of power, Sebians assassinating the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, and alliances, but there is one big cause you can argue that started the war. Tension between and within countries caused leaders of the countries and groups to spark rebellions of the groups, and one thing after another a World War was on their hands. Germany's tensions between France and Russia started alliances. Serbia had sparked the first rebellion by trying to gain independence from the mother country Austria. Europe was thought to be in a strong position, but at the end of 1918 the position was reduced. Europe was envied they had the technology, the art, the music, and …show more content…

To be able to use your force you had to have the best. In document C we know from the chart that France started with the best army, but Germany at the end of the war had the best. Germany's reasoning to build up their military was what they needed to do to protect themselves against the world. To build up the military they spent a lot of money, but it hadn’t payed of in the end. Germany thought they that being lesser than other countries they would get walked upon. They were determined to not to be walked upon, so they built up their army the best they could. Germany may of had the best Army, but Great Britain had the best navy. According to document C Great Britain had the best navy from beginning to the of the World War I. When you know that other countries are building up their army and the only way to get to them is through water they built up their navy to protect themselves. Great Britain was small compared to other countries near them, but throughout history they didn’t let being small stop them from having the best. Germany and Great Britain where chess pieces in the game of war, they were able to build themselves but was the team able to do the

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