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What Caused World War One World War One was a war that is engraved in history. The war brought terror and death, but it also brought new technology and medicine. Before it even started it had Tragic events that led up to it; The imperialism that was going on during that time caused tensions between nations, like Austria-Hungary demanding Serbia to take action and remove propaganda from their country, or the alliances that were formed at the start making the war unavoidable, for example, the two secret alliances that had high tensions from the start, And the high amount of militarism in Europe that led mobilizations of infantries around Europe and caused tensions to reach their limit. Austria-Hungary had many huge tensions with Serbia after their prince got assassinated. Austria -Hungary was disappointed …show more content…

The Triple Alliance was made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The Triple Entente comprised Great Britain, France, and Russia. These alliances had no idea that the other existed but, sooner or later they would figure out each other's presence. According to Raymond Aron Germany decided to attack France which caused Russia to start battles on the east side (Document 7). The action that Germany took led up to a chain reaction of battles. This happened because once a nation gets into an alliance with other countries it has to help out in case a war breaks out. So there wasn't a way for anybody to get out of the war after Germany started attacking France and Russia started attacking Germany. A map that shows the placement of the alliances and how cramped Europe was; the Triple Alliance was cramped into the center with the triple entente on the outside surrounding them (Document 2). The map helps show what advantages the alliances had, especially the Triple Entente. Since France and Russia could cover the east and west of Germany it proved that Germany would have a tough time in the war due to the

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