World War 1 Dbq Essay

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In the 1800 and the early 1900s, the industrial revolution changed the world in many ways that have shaped our country to this day. The industrial revolution helped our country by making our military stronger and also made our country more because of this imperialism became bigger and bigger throughout the years. The causes of World War I were Militarism, nationalism, alliances, assianation, and imperialism. The most important cause was militarism because if you don't have a strong military then other countries will attack you because you are a weak target. Two causes of World War I are nationalism and militarism. Document C shows the difference between the Navy and the Army and how they have changed over the years. Because of the graph, you can see that over the year many countries have gained more military which means that other countries have to up their game in militarism. Nationalism and militarism caused a global war because when it comes to having a strong military then everyone else is going to have a strong military because you do not want to be the weakest link. Nationalism is also going to tie in with this because the people that what their country to become a strong country are going to help out with the military because they want the best for their country. …show more content…

Document D it says, In the document, D says, “In 19 century, England has increased its colonial empire- the largest the world has seen since the days of the Romans”. Imperialism is a big part of this because if other countries didn't go colonize other countries then their country would not be big or grow for the good of their country. This would lead to a global war because when other countries are doing this then they will become stronger. Assisanation goes along with this because when other countries go in and kill kings and queens it helps them colonize it quicker and easier if they want to colonize that

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