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First is the worst, Second is the best, Third is the one with the treasure chest, but fourth…fourth is the one with the war guilt clause. The victorious countries in WWI included Great Britain, Russia, Italy, Japan, later the United States, and France (which were called the Allies) were very angry and upset and needed a country to blame for all the death and destruction that was caused by the war. The country that the Allies and especially France decided to pile all the blame onto was Germany. They did this with the Treaty of Versailles, which imposed harsh punishments on Germany and made them take the blame for the entire war, even though Germany was not the country that started World War One, Serbia was. The punishments that the Allies and …show more content…

The map “The German Territorial Losses, Versailles Treaty 1919” shows the loss of the Polish Corridor and the loss of Danzig which was a major port city through the Baltic sea. With the loss of the Polish Corridor came the separation between main Germany and East Prussia, which would upset many German people. They also lost Lorraine and Alsace to the French, which they had just taken from them in a war in the 1800s. They also lost some land to Denmark in the north. (Document A) The loss of the Polish Corridor and the loss of Danzig was damaging to Germany because Danzig was the largest port city in Germany throughout all of the Baltic sea, and it was also one of the only port cities that Germany had at the time. The loss of the Polish Corridor was also damaging to Germany because it separated the motherland Germany from East Prussia, this would end up being the most hated part of the treaty because of the separation of Germany’s people without their consent. The loss of land to France and the loss of Lorraine and Alsace was damaging to Germany because they were two cities that Germany had just taken from France in a war during the 19th century. In Adolf Hiter’s Mein Kampf, published in1924, he stated how if Germany wanted to restore the land that had been sripped from it they would have to take it through war. It is childish to even imagine that …show more content…

In the Treaty of Versailles, 1919 Article 232 and Article 233, it states that Germany had to take ownership for all of the damages done to the civilian population of the Allies during WWI and that they will have to pay reparations to said nations. The amount of money Germany has to pay will be decided by an Inter-Allied commission, which claims to give Germany a just opportunity to be heard. The payments of the reparations will be dealt out over a period of 30 years starting in 1921. “The Allies… require, and Germany undertakes, that she will make compensation for all damage done to the cilian population of the Allied and Associated powers'' (Document C) “The amount of … [reparations or payments] to be made by Germany shall be determined by an Inter-Allied Commission, …[which will] consider the claims and give to [Germany] a just opportunity to be heard” … “within a period of thirty years from May 1, 1921.” (Document C) Germany was not the only country that participated in the war against the Allies and in fact they were one of the last countries to join the war against them. Germany would get almost no say in the amount of money that they had to pay and in what amount of time they had to pay it in, because if they were to disagree or try to say something different then what the Allies wanted them to pay then they

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