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As the end of the second decade of the 20th century came to a close, the European world was in shambles. In the years 1914 to 1918, all of the European countries and some other world powers fought in the treacherous battle that was World War I. The two main forces of the European power were the Triple Alliance, formed of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, and the Triple Entente, formed of Great Britain, France, and Russia. Before this war started, it was thought by most that it would be a quick war and little would occur across the countries in battle. After the four years of World War I, millions were dead, cities were left in ruin, and all anyone could do was look for someone to blame for all the destruction. There have been many theories …show more content…

Many people of the general public had the mindset that to be proud and patriotic, they had to stand for their country. In a newspaper article by the leader of the Black Hand, a Serbian military intelligence that worked against Austria as an opponent. It states “This war derives from the duty of our race which will not permit itself to be assimilated.” (Doc I) This quote shows how nationalism plays a part in how people proud of their country move to protect the honor of their home. If one doesn’t want to assimilate or blend with another culture, they will fight for their freedom to continue living in a way that they like so they can continue to support their country and live for their nation. Another general opinion from the public about the war is that the people wanted it. Many believed that a war would do their country well and they wanted to fight in it. Public accounts show how life looked after the war was announced, such as “I spent the evening (of August 3, 1914)... during this and the following days I discovered to my amazement that average men and women were delighted at the prospect of war.” and a French citizen saying “How many times in the last two years have we heard people repeat “Better war than this perpetual waiting!” In this wish …show more content…

Due to communication and the agreement between countries, the leaders knew that they had to try and gain as much power as they could so that they were able to defend not only themselves but their allies to defeat their common

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